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A few common questions to curb any misconceptions.

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Is an Imaginary Friend Invisible?

In short, yes. We’re that silent partner who stands in the shadows while you bask in the limelight. And we’re good with that. We want to help our clients look great both internally and externally. Because if you’re a founder, one day you might be running a Fortune 500 company. And if you’re a business leader, one day you might want to go for that big promotion, or higher paying, more high-profile job. Either way, there’s no better chance of those things happening than when you're putting out the kind of work that moves people... Moves them emotionally and inevitably towards a purchase or sale. Plus, we like to think you’ll take us with you on your way to the top of Forbes wealthiest, or when you land that golden handcuff gig. Sure, there's a degree of self-preservation on our part. But you know what? We’re good with that too.

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Are you crazy if you have an Imaginary Friend?

Please, you’re crazy if you don’t.   It won’t be long before your co-workers, your boss, or your competitors are asking things like... “How did you do that?” Or “That was you?!” And you’ll just nonchalantly respond with something like… “Oh, did you like that?” Knowing full well they did. Knowing they loved it!   Crazy?! Who are they calling crazy? Crazy like a fox.

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Is an Imaginary Friend scary?

Sometimes they can be. On Halloween, or when participating at an axe throwing bar, or while in a meeting where they aren’t afraid to talk about the elephant in the room and call BS on something that has no real relevance to achieving greater success. Remember, an Imaginary Friend is not only your confidant and ally, they’re also your friend. And friends tell it like it is. Besides, we want your brand to succeed. Because when that happens, we all succeed. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats. Hey, who doesn’t appreciate a good aphorism now and then? Come to think of it, who doesn’t appreciate just saying ‘aphorism’ now and then?

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Is an Imaginary Friend Real?

In the immortal words of Austin Butler’s character in Quentin Trentino’s film 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'… “I’m as real as a donut, mother f*cker!” No, just kidding. That is a great movie though. We are real. Very real. Making real moves on behalf of your real business needs. Surpassing expectations at every slide, shift, shimmy and turn. Oh, and the loads of money that start rolling in from our collaborating will be uber real too. So heads up.

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Where does an Imaginary Friend come from?

Imaginary Friend comes from a place of good. Your Imaginary Friend is all about helping you express your inner most wants and needs for your brand. Assisting you in exploring the most engaging activations and memorable experiences. An Imaginary Friend comes forth when you need them to help you bring into fruition ideas that offer great benefit to your brand's image and your business' bottom line. We're here to cultivate relationships with your customers in ways you need and want, but can't always articulate — solutions presented in a most impactful and compelling manner. An imaginary Friend is there to provide a comfortable space for you and your brand to play. And by golly, brands need a place to play more than ever... Olly olly oxen free!

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Can you have more than one Imaginary Friend?

We don’t see why not. Of course, people might look at you funny if you just start listing them all off without any form of reference other than their being your Imaginary Friends, but sure. In fact, we provide a bevy of talented Imaginary Friends that can help with any of your branding, content, and communications needs. You might even say we’re a collective of Imaginary Friends. Or a murder of them. Never mind, that’s exclusive to crows. Not to mention it’s super eerie... A murder of Imaginary Friends? Yeah, that’s no good. Point is, you can never surround yourself with enough allies you trust and people who have your back. That’s what being an Imaginary Friend is all about.

Got some questions of your own?

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