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We recently teamed with Pavone agency on behalf of their PA based client, F&M Trust. Pavone came to us through our production side, looking for someone to help stretch a smaller budget into results that mimic a larger one. Working with the agency's executive leadership, we collaborated strategically and conceptually, assisting with writing, directing and production on the project. 


This is a perfect example of how Imaginary Friend helps agencies, both digital and traditional, meet their clients' needs. By teaming with Imaginary Friend, this result is a beautifully executed online video and broadcast campaign. One that the client fully accredits the agency for. Just as they should. After all, the agency chose us as a vendor, not unlike any other. We are always thrilled to be a part of delivering top tier creative solutions on budget and on time.


It matters to us that everything we are a part of results in a premium product. Everything that comes with it, the client accolades and fanfare, are yours to keep. Further strengthening your relationship with the brand and its leadership.


So the next time you have a need for outside strategic, creative, production help, we hope you'll think of us.

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