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Prepared by the fun folks at Imaginary Friend for BidMyListing

Reconstructing the BML Brand

Before we get started, we would like to thank you for allowing us to submit this proposal. And for considering us as a potential confidant during this amazing stage in your brand's growth. We're incredibly excited about the opportunity of working together, and very much looking forward to unearthing new insights with you.

Let's Do This!

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Gordon West, President & Creative Chief  |  m: (312) 550-4945  |  e:

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Why You Need an Imaginary Friend

We are an independent full-service branding, advertising, and digital agency steeped in creative play. Having partnered with some of the most recognized brands in the world, our team consists of experienced, award-winning talent. Working with the best brands around, you can bet your favorite Jelly Belly we offer up the best minds in the biz. 

Our focus is on the crafting of needle moving, eyeball earning, marketshare gaining business solutions that win the hearts, minds, and wallets of our clients' audiences. Work that stands out, and captures an unfair share of cultural attention. Imaginary Friend is the modern solution for all of your strategic, creative, production needs.


Come jump in the sandbox with us. Experience the powerfully positive impact that imagination without inhibition can have on your brand and business.

Let's Build a World-Class Brand and Marketing Program

We will develop a comprehensive strategy to help grow your business, use data intelligently, and establish a brand ecosystem that leads to creatively engaging, high converting, cross platform business solutions.


Determining a brand strategy that serves as the foundation of your brand is paramount. Before you can share who you are with the world, you must first have a cohesive understanding of the role you will play in people's lives.


Defining a clear understanding of BidMyListing at its deepest core is crucial. Getting to know each other and building on our relationship in person, and on a personal level makes this possible.


While many brands jump immediately into creative storytelling, we believe in uncovering the inherent truths about our client’s brand(s). This begins by delving into three key cooperatives:


1. Why does this brand exist?


2. Why does this brand matter to culture?


3. How is this brand impacting lives?


(A stage of play that involves coming together to determine a problem or work on a project to achieve shared results.)

We begin with a Cooperative, which will consist of a two-day, in-person, in depth, and structured workshop where we roll up our sleeves while working together to reveal and architect the foundation of the BidMyListing brand.


Through exercises and stimulus, we proactively uncover themes that have never been considered. We look to the core, so that the surface will reflect something greater than off-hand, materialized stories. And we develop connections that go much deeper than a product’s offering(s).


Pre-Cooperative — There is work we will do beforehand involving category and cultural research, getting up-to-speeding on your existing brand story/assets, development of engagement pieces, and other necessary essentials.


Cooperative — Our two days together are filled with a series of discussions and exercises focused on revealing the strategic brand position, company DNA, and unique story.


Post Cooperative —  Imaginary Friend synthesizes and focuses all the learnings and discussions to build a clear strategic brand story. Utilizing our learnings to form the foundation of your brand's true identity. Which, in turn, influences all brand assets, communications (both internal and external facing), and content moving forward. 

Cooperative Agenda

Day 1

(TBD) – 6:00 PM: Arrive in Newport Beach and Get Settled

6:00 PM: Welcome Dinner @ Mastro's Ocean Club

9:00 PM: Lights Out for a Fresh Kickoff Tomorrow Morning

Day 2

9:00 AM: Arrival (Breakfast Served)

10:00 AM: Hopes & Fears and Goals & Expectations

11:00 AM: Brand Foundation

12:00 PM: Working Lunch

1:00 PM: Beautiful Constraints

2:00 PM: Ambitious Audiences

3:00 PM: Competitive Landscape

4:00 PM: Cultural Snapshot

5:00 PM: Alignment Recap

5:30 PM: Close Session (6PM till 12AM Gordon & Andrew Work Session)

Day 3

9:00 AM: Arrival & Recapping (Breakfast Served)

9:30 AM: Avenues of Approach

10:00 AM: Envisioning Our Brand

12:00 PM: Working Lunch

1:00 PM: Brand DNA

2:30 PM: Our Special Word

3:30 PM: Brand Pillars

4:30 PM: What ifs / Customer Journey

5:30 PM: Alignment Recap

6:00 PM: Close Session

7:30 PM: Team Drinks and Appetizers @ Javier's


We will deliver a digital anthology on your new brand, as well as the recommended steps to be taken next in order to secure a strong and authentic place in consumers' hearts, minds, and lives. This will consist of...

  • Key Objective

  • Brand Tension

  • Transformative Opportunities

  • Key Audience Insight

  • Brand Purpose

  • Brand DNA

  • Brand Pillars


Following the Cooperative, and after absorbing the events results, Imaginary Friend will regroup and begin structuring thoughts, ideas, intentions, and conclusions to extract several brand names (those that seem most appropriate and aligned with the brand's ethos). Once client approved, we will begin concept development and an in-depth design system around the name of choice.


In parallel to the design of the corporate logo/identity, and in conjunction with ongoing strategic development, we will begin construction of the corporate style guide and cumulative brand book—determining the tone of the brand through a clearly defined manifesto, delivery of fonts and their clear usage, colors and theory, logo parameters and proper usage, iconography support (if applicable), photography and video parameters and specifications. All of this resulting in a complete brand book up to this point; and one that can be added to as relative assets come to fruition.


We will deliver a digital directive in the form of a full understanding of your brand voice, as well as how your corporate assets should be used in conjunction with one another and in relation to their would be surroundings within and across mediums. This will consist of...

  • Brand Tonality/Manifesto

  • Corporate Identity/Marquee

  • Style Guide and Brand Guardrails


Based upon the results of the Brand Strategy and Brand Imaging, we will develop a go-to-market Brand Behavior Strategy. This will serve as ideation on how we can/will initially re-launch the brand (0-3 month rollout). Post process, the ambition is to work with you to develop and implement a sustainable and secure Brand Behavior plan.


While many talk about marketing, we believe that what is truly connective in today’s world are Brand Behaviors. All the ways that a brand interacts, intersects, and connects with an audience to make an ongoing, significant impact.


We deliver a Brand Behavior Strategy focused on:

  • Initial Launch Strategy – Awareness, Consideration, Intent, Usage

  • Delineation between Audiences

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Behavior/Media Considerations – Paid, Earned, Owned

  • Key Messaging Platforms in line with your Brand Strategy


NOTE: Creative Asset Ideation, Development, and Post Production will be an additional and future scope.

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Click the link below to view the project outline and estimate.

Accessing this document requires a password only to be shared with BML key members and/or decision makers.

Meet Your Imaginary Friend Project Team Leads

We are an award-winning strategy & creative team with 40+ years of collective experience working with the best brands in the world. Providing A-Z brand and performance marketing solutions.


Gordon West  |  Brand Creative  |  LinkedIn

A seasoned brand storyteller and acclaimed creative director, Gordon's highly accredited work and leadership style found him climbing the ranks at top agencies in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, and Chicago. Where he led talented cross-platform, multi-disciplinary teams, while working under some of the most acclaimed agencies on the planet, including Leagas Delaney, Cramer Krasselt, DDB, and VMLY&R.

After a long and illustrious career heading creative efforts for global brands like Bud Light, McDonald’s,, and State Farm—helping clients attain staggering brand awareness and unprecedented revenue gains—Gordon founded Imaginary Friend in what Wired and Fast Company have deemed the fastest growing entertainment, marketing, and production hotspot in America… Atlanta (a.k.a. Hotlanta, the ATL, and more recently Hollywood of the South).

As the head of a full-service creative advertising and digital agency, he has had the honor of playing a part in the growth of some incredibly brave brands. As well as producing impossible to ignore content and activations for the likes of Porsche, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Warren Buffet owned Shaw Industries, and CPG giant Georgia Pacific brands to name a few.

A multi-disciplinary, award-winning One Show, Cannes, and Clio recognized creative head, with 20+ years in the marketing and advertising industry, Gordon continues to champion brands with a passion for building meaningful relationships, adding value to their communities, and enriching people’s lives.


Andrew Butler  |  Brand Strategy  |  LinkedIn

For 20+ years, Andrew has made a career of helping brands awaken why they exist in the world today. Why? Because brands have an inherent role that they play in people’s lives. Powerful and distinctive ways of contributing to how people define themselves as individuals and groups.


As a Brand Strategist, Andrew has worked across business verticals to focus, inspire, and sheriff how brands go to market. From marketing to operations, research to development, human resources, partnerships, user experience… Understanding every behavior a brand takes on and how it plays an integral part in the role it represents in people’s lives is imperative to its survival. 


A seasoned professional in the advertising and communications world, Andrew has led strategic endeavors at a number of critically acclaimed agencies. Including Leo Burnett, Arnold Worldwide, and TBWA Chiat/Day to name a few. He's been awarded the Jay Chiat Award for Strategic Excellence, ARF David Ogilvy, Media Mavens, Effies, and many more accolades while working with clients like New Balance, Bridgestone, Jack Daniel’s, Taco Bell, and Infiniti for starters.


A career in brand strategy has enabled Andrew to immerse himself within the ecosystem of both brands and their business. Allowing him to see things from the inside and outside, but with fresh eyes. Helping companies realize the power in leveraging their deeper brand purpose. So that it may influence culture for the better. Imparting that purpose, to the world's great benefit.

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