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Opportunity: Introduce Safeskin Nitrile Gloves, utilizing social media. Build brand awareness through unique storytelling, while encouraging people to try out this new everyday use disposable glove line.

Insight: People don't often think of using disposable gloves until they actually need them. If they do consider disposable gloves beforehand, there's no promenantly recognized brand within the B2C market space. Nothing of differentiation. Try to name a disposable glove you're aware of. Unless you commonly use them in your profession, you most likely can't.

Solution: Consider the source. What part of your body is most affected by not using disposable gloves? Your hands. They take all the abuse. So, what if hands could share their opinion? How would they feel about being neglected in this way?

During the project, it came to our attention that the company had over 500K gloves approaching their expiration date. Gloves that would essentially be disposed of. So, we recommended giving them away instead, and tied the approved creative to getting a free pack of Safeskin disposable gloves. The entire surplus was claimed in less than 2 weeks after introducing the campaign, and online sales nearly tripled by months end.

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