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Worldwide sales of noise cancelling headphones currently account for a market value of U.S. $5.2 BN. And are expected to exceed U.S. $9.06 BN by the end of 2032. 

Noise cancelling headphones and earbuds have gained significant popularity over recent years as smartphone proliferation has increased at a rampant pace. Subsequently driving high sales of Bluetooth wireless accessories. Sony introduced innovative technology with their new NC headphones, which launched in major retailers like Fry's and Best Buy.


Regardless of the new fangled tech, Sony needed an engaging, interactive way to demonstrate the touch based functionality and innovation incorporated onto the surface of the leather covered ear cups. We utilized a customized touch screen, as part of the merchandising experience in aisles, and created a series of three short films that artfully demonstrate the features and user interface function of the device. This greatly assisted in customer demos, while helping to convert newly informed buyers to purchase.

Although the use of a kiosk interface is not a recent idea when promoting the product in regards to a headphone station, there was a twist that added to the experience. Those customers who interacted with the headphones for a designated amount of time were awarded a 15% off coupon to further encourage their purchase. Integrating gamification into the experience helped on the fence buyers participate, while promoting bigger buzz for the product than Sony had previously experienced. Resulting in a boost of in-store sales compared to online sales by 13.2%.

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