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BEING BALLER  Phoenix Convention Center

Opportunity: Persuade visiting committee members to host the 2024 NCAA Final Four tournament in Phoenix, and secure the more than $300 million in economic impact that comes with it.


Insight: Show the immense impact the 2017 NCAA Final Four tournament had on Phoenix communities, due to the contributions made to underprivileged youth, by focusing on one community recreational area drastically changed for the better. By doing this, we can appeal to the committee on how very necessary it is to bring this event back to Phoenix.


Solution: Recreate Harmon Park, in all its refurbished basketball glory, inside the Phoenix Convention Center. Immersing committee members in the experience, so they can feel the positive impact of their contributions on Phoenix communities. The effort was a huge hit, and resulted in the committee selecting Phoenix for the 2024 NCAA Final Four tournament.

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